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Martin Foxwell, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Consulting

Martin is responsible for offering insightful consulting support to Bristol’s clients.

Martin has over 25 years of Global Mobility experience, holding senior roles in corporate, consulting, and service delivery.  Prior to joining Bristol, he was Director of Global Mobility for Newmont Mining Corporation, VP of Client Relations for The MI Group, and Senior Consultant and General Manager for ORC Worldwide (now Mercer), one of the world’s leading international mobility consultancies.  On top of his broad industry experience as a business and thought-leader, Martin has relocated professionally six times himself, Martin understands relocation from all angles.  He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including Worldwide ERC and the National Foreign Trade Council.

Martin brings a passion for client connection and service excellence to his role as leader of Bristol’s global service delivery. In his career encompassing such diverse roles as senior consultant, client relations/client services leader, head of sales, general manager and director of corporate relocation programs – as well as having relocated professionally no fewer than six times – Martin understands mobility from all angles. He is uniquely qualified to ensure that Bristol exceeds our commitments in providing the most unique, meaningful and highest-quality service experience to our clients and their transferees.

Martin holds the CRP designation from the Worldwide ERC.

Martin is married to Kathleen, and together they are raising a tribe of five multinational children. Of German-Irish heritage, he is equally at home raising a stein at the Biergarten as quaffing a pint and throwing darts at the pub. A world traveler since his college study-abroad days in Vienna and Geneva, his professional and personal travels have taken him to many exotic corners of the globe, carrying out client projects as well as soaking up a wide variety of world cultures. Additional passions include rock and jazz music, mountain biking, and the art of written communication. He is a lifelong, die-hard devotee of the Boston Red Sox

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