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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams

Bringing together decades of global mobility experience and expertise, Bristol’s leadership team provides industry-leading innovation and thought leadership, as well as a uniquely flexible and transparent management style.  With an unwavering commitment to reduce stress, add value and enrich the lives of those we interact with, one relationship at a time, the team has produced a remarkable record of global growth and client retention.

Meet Bristol's Leadership Team

  • Joe Cardini, CRP

    From the day Joe first joined Bristol in 2007, he has tirelessly worked to establish Bristol as an employee mobility leader on the global stage.

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  • Rita Wagner, GMS/SCRP

    As Bristol’s Senior Vice President, Rita is responsible for Bristol’s overseas offices and setting the direction of Bristol’s global strategy. She is also responsible for targeting and implementing the acquisition of IRM into Bristol as well as fielding all Singapore operations.

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  • Kelly West, CRP/SGMS-T

    As Bristol's Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Sales, Kelly is responsible for the strategic growth of Bristol, innovation in our products and services, and financial results. With new trends and daily changes in the international market, she is dedicated to her clients and seeks ways to provide a new service or improve existing service delivery.

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  • Liz Samora

    Liz brings more than 20 years of experience balancing operational efficiencies and business growth with client satisfaction.

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  • Jill Ayers-O'Neil

    As Bristol’s Vice President of Global Supplier Partner Management, Jill is accountable for the growth and satisfaction of clients and internal customers with oversite of sourcing, selection, contract negotiation and performance management of all supplier-partners.

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  • Martin Foxwell

    Martin is responsible for offering insightful consulting support to Bristol’s clients.

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  • Glen Bansor

    As Managing Director, Glen is responsible for the delivery of all international and domestic programmes for the EMEA Region.

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  • Jasline Lim, CEA/ GMS-T/ GMS

    Jasline joined Bristol to assist in the start-up of Bristol’s Singapore office. She manages client and employee relationships and coordinates all mobility related services.

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