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Your Global Mobility Expert

In today’s competitive business climate, you need a reliable resource to keep your mobile workforce fully engaged and committed. Bristol professionals can help you succeed by analyzing the risks and potential benefits of your current policies, processes, and talent management strategies by implementing the right mix of consulting and transaction management services, coupled with robust technology solutions.

E x p l o r e  B e l o w

Our Approach to Global Mobility

The needs of the global mobility marketplace are varied and increasingly demanding.  At Bristol, we apply a sincere and consistent level of curiosity which fuels needed inquiry and innovation, leading to maximized relational experiences. 

Our mission is rooted in a unique relational philosophy we long ago coined as Connect versus Control ®. Relocation success is never about a person, or, a single company.  To consistently attain desired outcomes, the nature of how relationships are built and managed is crucial.  Bristol excels when it comes to intelligently integrating all key process constituents in ways that create consistent value on behalf of our clients and meaningful move experiences for their relocating employees.  

Our Primary Focus

Managing more than 220 client relationships, we fully appreciate the diversity of needs, programs and cultures brought to light each time we establish a new relationship. However, rather than attempting to apply predetermined molds, Bristol is driven to ensure the Voice of the Customer is heard and fully considered, creating optimal mobility platforms that consistently produce targeted results.  

At Bristol, our singular focus is to create and maintain long-lasting, maximized relationships.  As one of a small number of fully independent global mobility firms, we are free from being forced to drive business to a real estate, or, transportation network. Our success is a direct result of each relationship we establish with our clients, their relocating employees, and our global network of supplier partners.  

Partnering with You

Our goal is to help you move your people around the world as seamlessly as possible. We are flexible enough to meet your needs for each relocation, whether that requires working with your suppliers or leveraging our worldwide network. We identify critical processes for improving workforce mobility and can recommend options as to how you can most effectively implement.

Putting Your Employees First

We recognize that relocation is a life-changing event. As a result, we view the relocation as moving through an experience and not a process. We put the employee’s needs first to make their relocation simple and painless, and transform what could be a stressful time into a positive, nurturing, and unifying experience for every family member. We help them navigate every stage of the relocation and each move, no matter the scale, is treated with care and receives our full attention.

Technology as an Enabler

Our BristolElite information and transaction management system connects company program managers, relocating employees, Bristol service delivery team members and BristolNet supplier-partners via multiple platform access.  Elite offers seamless integration and data sharing, reporting, and communication.

From global mobility assignment management and workflow to expense tracking, tax and gross-up calculations, BristolElite will support every transferee/assignee’s move with the following capabilities:

  • Highly secure, 24/7 real-time access to critical data, on-going communication and documents for transferees/assignees and key stakeholders
  • Status updates for real estate home sale, new home purchase, destination services, and household goods
  • Cost tracking
  • Policy exception tracking
  • Customized reporting
  • International assignment management
  • Tax estimates spanning more than 70 countries
  • Multiple currency conversions and exchange rates
  • Comprehensive international tax reporting for your tax firm Expense auditing, tracking, and payments
  • Electronic interfaces with HRIS systems, payroll, and accounts payable
  • Tax gross-up calculations and reporting
  • Password protected
  • Compensation Management

Genuine Curiosity Fuels Flexibility

Bristol’s cultural embrace of Connecting manifests in our sincere desire to learn about you, our client. We recognize and celebrate the reality that each relationship carries its’ own set of unique dynamics and demands.

Indeed, every Bristol associate maintains a posture of curiosity, endeavoring to unearth the critical elements that ultimately contribute to the construction of a strong relational foundation.

We believe our approach sets us apart because:

  • • We adapt to our respective clients’ programs and culture.

  • • We employ the ‘Voice of the Customer’ to continuously improve our program offerings, service and connections to our clients, as well as their relocating employees.

  • • Our desktop, web and mobile applications are highly adaptable and globally-integrated with all key program constituents, including our clients, relocating 

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