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Joe Cardini, CRP, President

From the day Joe first joined Bristol in 2007, he has tirelessly worked to establish Bristol as an employee mobility leader on the global stage.

During his tenure, Joe has successfully attracted and empowered a steady stream of industry-leading talent. He has also embedded a relationship-oriented culture he coined as Connect versus Control.  Combined with our Malcolm Baldrige based Performance Excellence system, Bristol has produced strong and consistent results with respect to new client acquisition, industry-leading client retention and associate engagement. Joe began his career in the relocation industry in 1986. During his nearly three decades of experience, Joe has held a wide variety of positions with increasing levels of scale and scope. Having led Bristol’s successful expansion throughout the United States, as well as overseas in both Europe and Asia, today Joe is an internationally recognized and highly respected figure in the employee mobility industry.

Joe is an active member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council® (ERC). He was one of the initial pioneers of the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) program, successfully earning the designation in 1990. Joe is married to his high school sweetheart and together they are the proud parents of 3 children – Amanda, Joseph and Cristina. Joe enjoys the fleeting time spent with family – which is most often centered on food and laughter!  When not with family, Joe can be found chasing a little white ball – hopefully through the short grass!  Joe is an active giver of his time, volunteering and contributing to a variety of charitable and church-related associations.


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