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Cup of Joe

  • The Curiosity Factor

    When we sincerely embrace, with little to no inhibition or preconceived notions, the process of learning, we open up possibilities for personal growth and enrichment….we become better.

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  • The Benefits of Vitamin G

    The older I get, the more I seem to be interested in learning about and then adopting healthy habits.  In truth, I probably should have been more interested years ago! 

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  • Memorable Relational Experiences

    A year ago, almost to the day, I penned a Cup of Joe entitled, The Power of Connecting which you can read here:

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  • The Power of Connecting

    Recently, my family and I headed to southern California on our annual summer get-away. The timing was perfect as we all felt in desperate need of a break from our respective hectic and overly scheduled lives.

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  • Life is about Opportunities

    Like many of you, I believe that life is about opportunities. Each day brings chances for us to expand our minds, develop new ways of thinking and new methods for tackling tough issues. We are constantly presented with chances to grow in ways that can at times stretch us beyond our respective comfort zones.

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  • Connection…Like Food & Water

    I have long been acutely interested in the topic of leadership. Actually, I guess it would be more accurate to say that the topic of people is really what garners my attention.

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  • Redefine Winning

    At Bristol, we continue to explore and refine our understanding and appreciation of Connect versus Control…a relationship philosophy that is quickly becoming our purpose.

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  • The Removal of the Fear Factor

    Fear: It seems to me that more than ever, our society is increasingly influenced, in negative and harmful ways, by fear. Family members, friends, co-workers…many seem to be affected to varying degrees by things they perceive as “bad.”

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  • Cup of Joe…

    I am very pleased and excited to welcome you to Bristol’s new quarterly newsletter, Connectivity. As the name suggests, the goal of this publication is to inform, raise awareness and above all else – CONNECT us.

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