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Cup of Joe


Life is about Opportunities

Like many of you, I believe that life is about opportunities. Each day brings chances for us to expand our minds, develop new ways of thinking and new methods for tackling tough issues. We are constantly presented with chances to grow in ways that can at times stretch us beyond our respective comfort zones.

2 December 2014

I have always found it interesting to note how the degree of willingness to be pushed into those seemingly deep waters of discomfort is directly connected to a person’s sense of accomplishment and relative peace of mind. After all, there are no guarantees for success when we begin the learning/stretching journey! There is a term associated with this type of human trait:  Learning Agility. Korn/Ferry International recently conducted a survey of nearly one million executives and demonstrated that as professionals progress in their career, there is an increasing need to become comfortable with uncertainty and sudden change. The study confirms that Learning Agility is a key enabler to dealing with the “grayness.” So what exactly does an agile learner look like? Agile learners are:  Willing to explore new challenges, desire to imagine “what could be,” examine mistakes and admit responsibility. Additionally, Learning Agility can be associated with five crucial dimensions:

  • Mental Agility: Thinking critically to penetrate complex problems and expanding possibilities by making fresh connections.
  • People Agility: Understanding and relating to other people, as well as tough situations to harness and multiply collective performance.               
  • Change Agility: Enjoying experimentation, being curious and effectively dealing with the discomfort of change.
  • Results Agility: Delivering results in first-time situations by inspiring teams, and exhibiting a presence that builds confidence in themselves and others.
  • Self-Awareness: Being reflective and knowing themselves well; understanding their capabilities and their impact on others.

At Bristol, our desire is to become known as a Learning Agile organization! As such, it is imperative that we remain laser-focused on the attributes associated with Learning Agility as we source and develop our talent. 

2014 will be noted as the most dynamic and successful year on record at Bristol Global Mobility. As any of our associates will attest, it has been a year filled with opportunities that have stretched and pushed us into our respective discomfort zones. And I am very happy to report that as a collective enterprise, the various opportunities were faced with an acceptance and vigor that closely aligns with being a Learning Agile organization, as underscored by the success we have enjoyed! 

I love this quote from Rabindranath Tagore, a late 19th century renaissance man from India:  “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” It takes courage to want to walk into the depths of discomfort, to allow ourselves to be stretched in ways we never before imagined. At the same time, at Bristol we know that in order to achieve our lofty goals by CONNECTING in the most meaningful ways with all of you, we must embrace the process of becoming Learning Agile, finding joy in the opportunities to serve. 

On behalf of all of us at Bristol Global Mobility, please accept our sincerest wishes for a most wonderful holiday season. We wish you nothing but the best of health, happiness and success in the year to come. 

As always, should you wish to directly connect with me, feel free to send me an email at


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