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Bristol News


Bristol's 2016 Andrew Award Winners Annouced

It all began with a lovely story written by Bristol’s President, Joe Cardini, about an experience he had while vacationing with his family at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

29 March 2017

Bristol lives the philosophy of Connect versus Control® and you may have read about this as it is in all that we do. Though this mission has been around for some time, it was given a breath of fresh air….a new life if you will, after a trip to San Diego. It all began with a lovely story written by Bristol’s President, Joe Cardini, about an experience he had while vacationing with his family at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. The Power of Connecting ( first introduced Bristol to Andrew the elevator operator and what his meeting with the Cardinis showed Joe about how connecting with people and making a positive impact enhances the overall experience.  So what is the Andrew Award?

The experience with Andrew left Joe inspired. So much so, The Andrew Award was created. The award is given annually to Bristol Associates who were in fact nominated by their fellow Associates, for embodying Bristol’s mission and valued behaviors through their work and attitude every day.

  • Sincere, positive, selfless
  • Listen more, speaks less
  • Approachable, compassionate, creative
  • Comfortable to engage with
  • Can-do attitude
  • Serving others seems to energize them
  • Collaborative, even tempered
  • Lives out mantra “If you have nothing good to say, don’t speak at all”
  • No evidence of need for relationship control
  • No “you must lose so I can win” mentality
  • And most of all, creates an endearing relationship experience and places a positive, professional and attractive face on Bristol.

This past Summer, Joe again went to Southern California and paid a visit to the Hotel Del Coronado. Joe was so touched by his last visit with Andrew that he wanted to ensure that Andrew knew the impact he made and how his name adorns not just an award, but was an inspiration to Bristol’s mission and valued behaviors. During this trip, Joe bestowed Andrew with his very own Andrew Award which left Andrew deeply moved and speechless. In doing so, Joe gave Andrew his own memorable experience and made a positive lasting impact in Andrew’s life. Upon return from San Diego, Joe penned another delightful story of his memorable time with Andrew ( 

It is truly an honor to be recognized with this award, and this year’s winners, Chad Mugford, Expense Analyst, and Lisa Taylor, Manager of Service Delivery, are more than deserving. Their positivity and willingness to assist Bristol’s clients and fellow Bristol Associates is infectious.  As a result of winning the award, they have been rewarded with a trip to California and will get their very own chance to meet the award’s namesake in person and visit the Hotel Del Coronado. Congratulations to them both! We look forward to hearing about their trip and their own memorable experiences with Andrew!

Like Andrew, everyone, every day, makes an impact on others and leave an impression, favorable or otherwise. For all of us here at Bristol, it is the type of memorable experience Joe had with Andrew that we hope to create with each of you.


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