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Relocation Supply Chain

Seamlessly connecting with our supplier-partners is an essential feature of our service delivery model. Our meticulously sourced, selected and managed network of global supplier-partners serve as an invaluable extension of the support we provide to our customers worldwide. We serve our clients and their relocating employees in a fully transparent environment, supported by professionals who possess an uncompromising passion for superior customer satisfaction. Our independent supply chain network, BristolNET, allows our Mobility Advisors the freedom and flexibility to make unbiased and objective decisions regarding every element of the relocation process.

Our BristolNET Partner network is fully integrated into our service delivery model, with all relationships secured on a foundation of trust and commitment to excellence. Management of BristolNET, while led by our global supply chain staff, involves a variety of contributors and data sources. We consider cost containment, quality scores, innovation and ease of doing business, as we compile respective scorecards and assess the health and well-being of our many supplier partnerships. 

Real Estate Service Providers

An Independent Network

Because Bristol has no financial ties or affiliation to any real estate franchise or broker network, we are free to make unbiased decisions based solely on what is best for our clients and their employees. With an extensive network of industry-leading brokers and agents worldwide, you can depend on Bristol for access to the best talent in every market. 

Destination Service Providers

Localized Resources Worldwide

With strategic resources in 149 countries, Bristol offers access to the top-performing destination service providers on a global basis. This worldwide, on-the-ground expertise affords our clients all the advantages of having local support and representation in places they need it most. 

Move Management Service Providers

Choose the Right Move

Our carefully sourced network of the world’s most capable moving and logistics firms includes moving professionals in 149 countries. 

Tax Providers

Tax Planning & Preparation

Bristol applies our unique relationship management philosophy with decades worth of technical expertise and leading-edge technology to provide tax planning and preparation services for employees on international assignment. 

Tax Providers

Tax Planning & Preparation

Bristol applies our unique relationship management philosophy with decades worth of technical expertise and leading-edge technology to provide tax planning and preparation services for employees on international assignment. 

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