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Bristol’s desire to be a role model organization led us to taking a unique approach for a company in the mobility industry. We created an environment of innovation focused on excellence and organizational learning that is embedded in our culture. 

Bristol began its Performance Excellence journey based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework in early 2014.  The framework of the program and criteria allows us to listen to our clients, and determine our short and long term strategy. We utilize the criteria through the lens of our acute focus on the human-to-human connections guided by our vision, our mission, our valued behaviors, and our core competencies. Using our Strategic Objectives defined during the Strategic Planning Process as the guide for our improvement efforts, Bristol engages all associates in continuous improvement, innovation, and ongoing management of procedures within its key work systems.

Performance Excellence Program

Our performance excellence approach focuses on all aspects of our business and provides us with a holistic and systematic view of our organization.  Our efforts are grounded in the following categories critical to organizational sustainability and continuous improvement:

Award Winning Performance

Within the past two years of our journey we have strengthened our focus on excellence, innovation, and becoming a role model organization by applying the Baldrige Excellence Framework  and have received the Level 2 Commitment Award from The Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE).

The annual Performance Excellence Program recognizes organizations for performance excellence through leadership, organizational alignment, systemic improvement and innovation. The program is modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria, an internationally recognized standard for performance excellence. 

In addition to formal recognition, the SWAE’s multi-tiered process assists organizations along their path to achieving performance excellence, which means being role models in leadership, customer and workforce satisfaction and engagement, knowledge management, innovation and results.

What Relocating Employees Are Saying:

"Truly made the entire process stress-free and easily understandable, very enjoyable."

"Second time doing this and it was just as good if not better, you guys make something stressful and awful become easy and hassle free."

"You guys were great and made my moving experience feel like a smooth transition!"

"Bristol is amazing! I would never have thought that a company could care so much about a customer."

"It was unique and very well organized. If I had any questions, I knew who to go to."

"Very good experience. Communication was very strong and all the supporting documents were very well organized that helped a smooth transition for the move."

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