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Jessica Ng, GMS

Jessica Ng joined Bristol in 2015 and has over 15 years of experience in the mobility industry and in her role at Bristol, oversees client account management and international assignment management.

She is responsible for a full spectrum of international assignment management including policy counselling, benefits administration, financial and expense management, destinations services, temp housing, immigration, shipment management, tax services, cross-cultural and language coordination, tenancy management, repatriation, and being the focal point of resources for clients.

Jessica ensures services provided by third party providers are efficient and transparent, as well as partnering closely with clients and stakeholders for day to day operational interfaces to ensure that operations are being managed across the whole end to end process, while proactively identifying operational issues and pro-actively developing process resolutions.

She provides consultative services to clients for international assignment management-related matters and continuously reviews best practices and end-user feedback, and also the practicality of implementation, thereby adapting and fine-tuning such practices to suit client goals.  She has worked in major global relocation companies in roles such as International Assignment Consultant and Senior Manager, thereby gaining rich experience in strategic account management of major clients in APAC region by building and establishing an excellent rapport with clients and working in partnership with internal teams and stakeholders to resolve issues, including challenging processes in various locations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China.            

Jessica attended the National University of Singapore and has a Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences. Jessica also holds the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) certification from the Worldwide ERC.

She is a connoisseur of decadent treats such as croissants and butter cakes, so in an effort to keep fit and healthy she has taken up trekking trails, and through it, has discovered the beauty of mountains! She has since done Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, conquered the breath taking Snow Mountain in Taiwan and the nerve-wrecking volcanic Mount Agung in Bali!

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