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Jan Koets

As Bristol’s Sales and Marketing Director for EMEA, Jan and his team are responsible for building new relationships across the EMEA region, presenting the Bristol value proposition and on boarding new corporate customers.

With over 17 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of global mobility Jan has successfully assisted international organization to implement global mobility solutions which drive efficiency and control cost.
Jan’s business goal is to ensure that corporate global mobility professionals are given enough time to focus on internal customer service and are provided with mobility data they require to strategically support their business.

Before joining Bristol in March 2016 Jan worked for Santa Fe Relocations for 15 years where he held 3 commercial roles. Prior to working in the global mobility arena Jan gained experience in the airline and insurance industry.

Recently Jan was asked to support the RES Forum Benelux in organizing mobility events, building relationships with Technical Partners and growing their membership throughout the region.

Jan was raised in an expat family and moved around the globe for the first 13 years of his live living in Curacao, Norway, England, Scotland and Oman.
Jan is married to Soelinda and they have 2 sons Joost and Viktor. Outside of work Jan can be found training on his racing bike in order to participate in major fund raising events. Throughout the years Jan has made big contributions to raising money for Cancer and MS funds. Besides practicing sport Jan is also the biggest supporter of Joost who plays football and Viktor who is a talented speed swimmer.

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