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Bonnie Sposato

As the leader of Bristol’s Global Performance Excellence, Bonnie drives the application of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to Bristol Global Mobility’s pursuit of role-model organizational, service and operational excellence.

With a focus on the future, Bristol’s performance excellence is an integrated approach to organizational performance that results in delivering value to customers and stakeholders, optimized organizational effectiveness and capabilities, and best in class workforce engagement providing a culture of learning and development. As Bristol’s Vice President of Global Performance Excellence, Bonnie is a Voice of the Customer master and Six Sigma Black Belt with extensive experience related to continuous improvement, innovation, strategy development and deployment, and change leadership. She is a trained National Baldrige Examiner and has served as an examiner for the California Awards for Performance Excellence (CAPE) Program.

Bonnie joined Bristol Global Mobility in September, 2013 to begin the Performance Excellence journey based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework. She is a member of the Worldwide ERC and has a BA in Psychology.  She also possesses an impressive 23 years of experience in the relocation industry with tenure in the areas of Service Delivery, Shared Services, Operational Excellence and Marketing, Creative Services and Advertising

She is a Connecticut native who moved to California to enjoy the warmer coast and now is enjoying “finally thawing out” as an Arizona resident.  Bonnie is a dedicated volunteer as a Puppy Raiser for Paws With a Cause (, raising future service dogs for people with physical disabilities and is an Animal Assisted Therapy volunteer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (#PawsCanHeal) and the Mayo Clinic (#CaringCanines) with her Certified Therapy Dogs Celtie and Boots. 

She enjoys cooking and baking, entertaining, travelling and taking advantage of all sorts of outdoor activities.

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