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Industry Connections


The Art of a Corporate Relocation

The discussion in this recent article from Human Resources Online, centers on how corporate international relocations and assignments are not only on the rise and a crucial tool in talent acquisition,

4 April 2016

but also discusses how HR departments should consider setting up specialized and dedicated departments to incorporate solid relocation programs within their organizations. HR manager should seek well trained specialists and experts in handling all aspects of a relocation. The biggest mistake HR managers can make is trying to focus on everything instead of letting a relocation expert deal with the intricacies of a relocation. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” relocation anymore. Each relocation is its own art, each unique and requiring different things to satisfy its needs.

The article points out that as the mobility industry has grown, it has attracted Baby Boomers, Gen X and now Millennials, and each of these groups have their own set of expectations of international relocations and the compensation and benefits that goes along with it. Employees in all demographics agree that mobility strategies need to evolve to meet more sophisticated expectations and the different needs of each individual employee and generational group. The article examines how HR managers and relocation experts need to also coach a company about managing their own expectations of a relocation along with their employees’.

Being transparent and consistent so there are no surprises, and creating a sense of trust will make for a smooth relocation process. When relocation advisors understand the needs, desires and expectations of each generation, it is easier to create a relocation package that not only aligns with the needs and expectations of an employee and the company but more importantly creates a positive future relationship and relocation for everyone involved.

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Bristol’s Corporate Philosophy 

Bristol offers a level of flexibility that is rarely found in the mobility industry. We operate according to a unique philosophy that we refer to as “Connect versus Control®”. We do not force any client into a predetermined operating mold. In each new engagement, our operating philosophy allows us to develop practices that are best suited to the individual client’s needs. As an organization, we are nimble and focus on responding to the needs of our clients rapidly and efficiently. Rather than adopting a rigid or institutional approach to areas such as pricing, client relationship management, supplier management, and employee service, we have created an environment designed to ensure that clients’ and transferees’ specific needs are surfaced, considered, and addressed in a timely manner.

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