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Millennials will Live in Cities Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before

There has been a lot of speculation on the trends that millennials are setting and how it is shaping the workforce and economy.

3 May 2016

It was once thought that millennials would never become like the generations before them, the baby boomers or the gen x’ers, but in fact, they appear to be somewhat on par with their predecessors, just with a few changes. Due to rising and unattainable housing costs in cities for most millennials just starting their careers, they are coming up with innovative ideas on how to live well where they are.

According to census data, millennials are opting to move out of cities to more urbanized areas created for them and by them, by way of revitalizing smaller cities to hybridized “urban-burb” areas that provide the sought after appeal of cities – transit connections, walkability, good food and great bars – all without the high prices of downtown city living. It has been discovered through surveys and census data that the millennial generation places a high value on a work-life balance that improves their quality of life rather than working long hours to afford big city rents. Millennials are also discovering that by starting off in a smaller community, this allows the opportunity to shape that community how they want it.

They are actively and deeply involved in creating their environment, not living in the shadow of the generations before them. They are truly the creators of their surroundings, making their communities a little bit better, which is a very good thing for the country and there might not be a better legacy left for any generation in history.

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