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Heart of Bristol


Bristol’s Community Involvement Team Update

At Bristol, Connectivity is not just the name of our newsletter. It is our core value, and it inspires us to build relationships and develop connections not only with our clients and partners, but also with our communities.

18 April 2014

The Community Involvement Team (CIT) is the driving force behind efforts like a fundraiser for a local Phoenix animal shelter. However, while this success is one that we are truly proud of (check out our picture!), as Bristol continues to grow, we want our community engagement to evolve, too. We have been asking ourselves the questions, “What does it mean to support local efforts when we are a global organization?” and “How can we enhance our connectivity for even bigger impact?”

Q1 2014 has thus been a time of returning to the drawing board, and our committee has come up with an exciting new approach. While we will still base our selection on local employee interest (since this passion is literally the Heart of Bristol), and while we will continue to favor small organizations (in keeping with our own preference for boutique solutions), we will now unite all of our offices in a global theme chosen annually. This shift is subtle, but important:  By uniting all of Bristol’s outreach energy in a single cause, we can infuse our efforts with a greater sense of purpose. Even more exciting, it will now be even easier for our partners to team up, as all offices will be participating in a joint cause for the duration of an entire year. So stay tuned as we re-launch our new and improved CIT in Q3!


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