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Heart of Bristol


Pause for Paws

On June 20, 2013 the Bristol Community Involvement Team hosted a fundraiser for the Lucky Paws animal shelter located in Scottsdale, AZ. Kelly Perry, Executive Director, accepted a check from Bristol for $7,000.

28 June 2013

However, with the proceeds from Bristol employee donations, a silent auction, and the generous support of additional event sponsors, the final donation topped $11,000. Additional funds were also raised by the Bristol Operations Center team in Green Bay, WI for a local animal shelter.

The Bristol CIT team would like to thank the following sponsors for their kindness and generosity:  GO Corporate Housing, Synergy Corporate Housing, Bristol Home Lending, and Bristol Auto Logistics.

Also attending and representing Lucky Paws was Mr. Big, a 185 lb. Great Dane who was the hit of the evening.  For more information, please check out the Web site:

“Lucky Paws is a non-profit animal shelter that provides a cage-free living environment to dogs, cats, and bunnies that have been rescued from high-kill shelters. All Lucky Paws animals are vetted, socialized with many volunteers, and eventually adopted after a screening process. The Lucky Paws Director, Kelly Perry, provides formal and informal educational programs to assist and educate children from pre-school to high school in various districts, community service groups, and charity luncheon attendees about the importance of animal welfare. She speaks about spaying and neutering, responsible lifetime pet ownership, positive training, and good nutrition. We hope to inspire fellow rescuers, as well as humankind, that a free-roaming environment for traumatized animals is the most humane existence. Lucky Paws offers service groups as well as cultivates relationships to change legislation that con drastically change the euthanasia rate.”


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