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Heart of Bristol


Manna for Life 2016

Through the “Heart of Bristol,” Green Bay Wisconsin Bristol Associates have volunteered for a total of 88 hours for the year, by volunteering and assembling food packages at Manna for Life every month of 2016.

15 December 2016

We call it the “Midday Workout at Manna,” because it is a lot of work and exercise. Each box has various food items to provide much needed nourishment to many. It would be our pleasure to have many others join us for the “Midday Workout at Manna”. Eight Green Bay Associates donated 24 hours of service this holiday season. On Wednesday 12/14, five associates packed food boxes for three hours. On Thursday 12/15, three associates assisted in distributing over 200 food packages (including bread, dry goods, canned goods, frozen meat, dairy, juice, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables). Manna for Life does this every week and would do more (the need is there), if they had more volunteers. They have the food, just need willing hearts, hands and feet to do the work.

What people often do not realize is that they are also serving a handful of Hope. The Green Bay team donated supplies and money towards the renovation of the soup kitchen. Manna for Life takes care of the elderly, the disabled, and many families with children. They have a soup kitchen that could easily serve 200+ meals every day, but is currently closed for renovations. They need $5,000 to get back up and running. If you can help a need, you can touch a heart, and through that share love with others (the greatest of all is to love). Through the “Heart of Bristol.” If you have ever had anyone help you, or know of families that have needed help, please consider donating to the Manna for Life soup kitchen.


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