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The RES Forum

For 20 years Bristol has been a thought leader in the mobility marketplace. Our tenured associates are experts in policy development, program design, and compliance, we continually explore and introduce new and innovative methods and practices to our clients, maximizing cost and service efficiencies while minimizing lost employee productivity.

To do this, we remain active in many mobility industry associations by participating in and contributing to conferences and training.  In 2016, Bristol began a partnership with The RES Forum. As the singular relocating management technical partner for the RES Forum in the US. Bristol regularly presents at regional roundtables and training events around the world.   The RES Forum is an independent community for International HR and Mobility professionals. It is now the largest and most active network specializing in international HR and global mobility survey data, modeling and analytics. Since its conception, the Forum has gone from strength-to-strength and is now recognized as a leader in the facilitation of inter-peer networking within the fields of International HR, Global Mobility and International Compensation and Benefits. 

Upcoming 2017 RES Connect Event Locations

  • Mar 22 - Boston, MA

  • May 17 - Atlanta, GA

  • Jun 14 - San Jose, CA

  • July 20 - Los Angeles, CA

  • Aug 02 - Denver, CO

  • Sep 13 - Toronto, CAN

  • Sep 21 - Dallas, TX 

  • Sep 27 - Chicago, IL

  • Oct 10 - New York City, NY

  • Nov 14 - Houston, TX 

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