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Bristol News


The RES Forum Weekly Update for 3 June 2016

There are only a few remaining spaces to attend The 2016 RES Forum Annual Report Launch hosted by SilverDoor at Citadines Hotel, Holborn, London on Tuesday 7th June.

3 June 2016

The main report this year titled “Beyond Uniformity – A World of Opportunity” will be presented by Professor Michael F. Dickmann report author and Professor of International HRM at Cranfield University School of Management.

Be the first to hear Professor Dickmann’s thought leading insight into gender bias at the selection, during and post assignment phase and what this means in the current climate of gender inequality…. all based on research conducted via the ever growing RES Forum membership.

Throughout the day we will also hear fascinating and informative presentations from:

  • Paul Bernardt, Managing Director of Harmony Relocation Network on The Global Mobility Manager’s Toolkit for Managing RFPs – Cost and Pricing Mechanisms when Shipping Household Goods.
  • Chris Kline & Jason Mendelsohn, The RES Forum Americas Leadership Team who will discuss Partnering Corporate Vision with a World Class Mobility Programme.
  • Vicki Marsh, Head of Operations UK, Equus Software on Mobility Technology in the Wider HR Context – Supporting the Changing Global Workforce
  • Kay Hall Vice President, EMEA, AIRINC and Michael Joyce Senior Director, Client Solutions, EMEA, AIRINC How can Organisations Evolve from a Transactional to a Strategic Mobility Function

This will be followed by a Panel Discussion where you will have the opportunity to put questions to our panel of experts and hear the views of fellow Global Mobility & HR Professionals. There will be will plenty of time for Networking in a relaxed and collaborative environment and at our Drinks Reception afterwards.

1000th Member Special Prize Draw: To help celebrate one lucky member will have the chance to win £200 in a special prize draw which will be held at the Annual Report Launch on 7th of June. What would you spend it on? Dinner for two, a West End Show or maybe you’d donate it to a charity. The decision is yours, but you will only have a chance to win if you come along so be sure to book your place today!

To view the full agenda click here and to reserve your place click here.

RES Forum Americas Events

Minneapolis Meet & Greet – Tuesday 14th June, Mill City Museum, 704 Second Street, South, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Chicago Meet & Greet – Tuesday 14th June, Chicago History Museum, 1601 N Clark Street Chicago, IL 60614

Full details and how to register are avail on the website. Click here.

Open E-surveys: The following e-survey is currently open:  Club memberships, Domestic help, Property maintenance (Reminder sent 3rd June). If you would like to participate in this e-survey but no longer have the link, email us on

STA (Short Term Assignment) Policy Benchmarking Tool: The New STA Policy Benchmarking Tool the second of 4 analytics modules will be going live over the next week. As with the current LTA Tool you’ll need to be logged in to use it and there will also be a short user guide to help you navigate through the process. The stepped release of each subsequent module has allowed us to take on board your feedback and further enhance the user experience in the latest release and to the many members who assisted in the process our heartfelt thanks.

If you’re a new member or haven’t tried out our free analytics tools then why not give it a try. Click here to link through to the Analytics Landing page and then click on the LTA benchmarking icon (first left). We are also working on 2 other analytics modules which will be launched in the coming months.

Brexit – The immigration implications? Insight from Magrath LLP, RES Technical Partner for Immigration Services: As the campaigning continues for the forthcoming Referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, immigration (and it appears its links with National Security) is one of the central topics in the debates. The Immigration team at Magrath has written a detailed article discussing some of the key points around this subject. For a full copy of the article please click here. For More information about Magrath LLP, Please click here.

In the News: The RES Forum Partners have appeared in numerous articles in the press over the past year as well as being asked to comment on a wide variety of Global Mobility and HR Topics. Changeboard, HR Grapevine, People Management, HR Magazine, HR Zone, HR Review and Thomson Reuters to name but a few have all sought out the RES Forum’s views, expertise and thought leadership. If you missed any of these don’t worry we’ve put together a handy online book our Media Highlights 2015/16 click here.

Member Blogs: We would love to hear from members who would be willing to share some snippets of information about themselves, their interests and their current roles via our ‘Member Blog’ feature in the newsletter. Please contact us on if you would be interested and we will be able to share more information about the format and content.

Membership: A quieter week on the new member front with 2 new members registering to join the RES Forum from Henkel and Schaeffler. To view a full list of the current RES Forum member organisations click here.

Jobs Board: There’s a host of great vacancies available on the Jobs Board to view all available roles or to post a job free simply Click here.

Survey and Q&A Requests: The process is really simple. If you have survey requests of any size, or an individual question, just email them to questions will be actioned the same day they are received, surveys we will discuss with you agree the format and timings then issue.

Feedback: As always – any issues that are website related, email – or for admin/other queries email


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