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Coaching the Globe-Trotters: Issues facing HRs arranging international assignment

Undertaking an international assignment during a career has gone from a rarity to the norm. More employees are being sent to multiple locations, making the process an increasingly complex task.

25 February 2016

The starting point should be to remember that employees and their families could find the prospect of living abroad stressful. The thought of arranging housing, learning a new language, understanding what the culture is like in the host country can make an international assignment feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The more companies can do to support the move from assisting with tasks as setting up of bank accounts and utilities, to providing career counseling for dual career families, along with educating the employee of the cultural acceptances, can all be very helpful in preventing any issues during the assignment. If steps aren’t taken by HR to assist employees at the onset of the process, the employee could potentially turn down the assignment altogether or quit prior to full completion. It is imperative for HR to identify the possible issues at the start of the assignment and work together with the employee to resolve them prior to relocation. Bristol Mobility Advisors outline all concerns and expectations from the employee and company at the start of an assignment and work toward resolving any issues to help lay out the foundation for a successful, completed assignment.

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Tim Hitchcock is a freelance journalist and former practising barrister. He has written for a wide range of publications including the Guardian, Observer, Financial Times, Telegraph and Sunday Business as well as several magazines. In 2009 two of his newspaper pieces found their way onto A Level course papers for business and English.

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