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Bristol News


Bristol Receives Honor At Phoenix Ceremony

Bristol recently was honored at the Southwest Alliance for Excellence's banquet in Phoenix.

10 March 2017

Bristol recently was honored at the Southwest Alliance for Excellence (“SWAE”) award banquet in Phoenix on February 6th where SWAE presented Bristol Global Mobility with the Level 2 Commitment Award of their 2016 Performance Excellence Program. 

SWAE’s annual Performance Excellence Program recognizes organizations for performance excellence through leadership, organizational alignment, systemic improvement, and innovation. The program is modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria, an internationally recognized standard for performance excellence, initiated in 1987.  SWAE’s multi-tiered process assists organizations along their path to achieving performance excellence, which means being role models in leadership, customer and workforce satisfaction and engagement, knowledge management, innovation, and results.

Bristol’s President, Joe Cardini, accepted the award on behalf of Bristol.

“As a high-touch service company growing at a rapid rate, we knew we needed to anchor ourselves to a foundation that protects our core competency of relationships and connection while providing the required flexibility needed to meet and exceed the increasingly complex demands of the marketplace.   The Baldrige criteria has become that anchor. The criteria gives us the framework and the fuel to drive our organization toward constant improvement and excellence toward our customer experiences, engagement levels within our associate workforce and ultimately, the multitude of operational procedures and results.  It is constantly directing our focus to our vision, mission, and valued behaviors, which further strengthens the foundation of our organization.  

We are honored to be a recipient of the Level 2 Commitment Award.  With great excitement, we look forward to continuing our Performance Excellence journey and the support of the Southwest Alliance for Excellence.”

Bristol was represented at the banquest by (pictured L-R) Martin Foxwell, Senior Vice President of Global Service Delivery and Domestic Operations; Edward Bishop, Director of Expense Management; Bonnie Sposato, Vice President of Global Performance Excellence; Annie Schultze, Director of Finance; Sheila Bloom, Performance Excellence Analyst; and Joe Cardini, President. 


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