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Bristol News


Bristol: Connectivity Publications

Welcome to Bristol’s newsletter, Connectivity. As the name suggests, the goal of this publication is to inform, raise awareness and above all else – CONNECT us. At Bristol, we invest heavily in an operating philosophy we long ago coined, Connect versus Control®.

23 March 2016

July 2016

  • Cup of Joe: Truth Leads to Optimized Connections, Joe Cardini
  • Bristol Connections:  Boris Matatov, Global Compensation Analyst
  • 5 Tips for Managing Successful Overseas Assignments
  • Bristol City Profile:  Hong Kong
  • Bristol Featured at WERC 2016
  • EU Safe Harbor Program/Privacy Shield & Global Mobility
  • Driving Rules in Different Countries
  • Bristol Country Profile: Vietnam
  • Bristol City Profile: Melbourne
  • Bristol Country Profile: Kazakhstan
  • Bristol Country Profile: Mexico-Taking a trip down Mexico way
  • New Rules for Container Shipments (SOLAS)
  • Work Across Functions to Form Zika Response
  • HR Best Practices can Lead to a Better Expat Experience
  • The Art of a Corporate Relocation
  • Five Trends in Global Mobility
  • How to Get the Most out of Global Mobility
  • Relocation Risks: Managing the immigration process as a global mobility manager
  • Bike MS: City to Shore Announcement & Training

 April 2016[UNIQID]

  • K-Cup with Kline: Bristol has announced the opening of our new Bristol Sales and Relationship management Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Country Profile:  The Netherlands:  Some refer to it as simply, Holland. Some people only really know it for Amsterdam, but The Netherlands is a nation of 12 provinces of which Holland for example, is broken into two provinces, North Holland and South Holland. The official capitol of The Netherlands is in fact Amsterdam. The Hague is the administrative and governmental seat of the country and the capitol city of the South Holland province. The kingdom also includes three overseas territories:  Aruba, Curaçao, and Saint Martin in the Caribbean Sea. It is also one of the busiest countries in the world with almost 16.5 million people residing in the fairly little country.For a complete explanation, please watch the following video:Holland vs. the Netherlands:
  • City Profile:  Santa Fe – The city of Santa Fe, meaning “holy faith” in Spanish, was founded by Spanish colonists in 1610 and is known as the oldest state capital city in the United States and the oldest city in New Mexico. Santa Fe offers a tremendous assortment of modern sights and attractions intermingled with a native past.
  • Bristol Connection: Six Associates:  Meet:  Andrew Grossheim, Mobility Advisor, Green Bay, WI; Annie Schultze, Director of Finance, Phoenix, AZ; Kimberly Sawyer, Mobility Advisor, Dallas, TX; Jessica Ng, Sr. Global Mobility Advisor, Singapore; Andrew Bauer, Sr. Global Mobility Advisor, United Kingdom; Mauricio Escalante, Director of Business Development, Panama
  • Domestic Article: Driver Shortage, By: Michael Gonzales, President, Armstrong Relocation-Dallas: Truck drivers are the basic component of transportation capacity and the glue that holds successful moves together. Maybe you have noticed that there are fewer moving trucks on the road, but more importantly you have observed that there are no trucks to service your employees’ needs in the heat of the summer! What happened???

January 2016[UNIQID]

  • K-Cup with Kline:  I’m excited to announce the creation of a U.S. branch of The RES Forum. Expansion through the establishment of branches in key markets for global mobility activity is a core part of the growth strategy of The RES Forum.
  • Bristol Connection:  Pat Abou-Khaled
  • Candidate Assessment:  How inventories can Help by Cristina Francisco-McGuire:  According to workforce solutions provider Right Management, only 58% of overseas assignments are considered successful.
  • Bristol Country Profile:  Japan-Assignment in the Land of the Rising Sun

October 2015[UNIQID]

  • Cup of Joe:  The Power of Connecting. Who is Andrew?
  • Bristol Connection:  Joanna Tarbit
  • Bristol Country Profile:  Iceland
  • Moving:  More than Logistics
  • Global Teams: Designed for Success

July 2015[UNIQID]

  • K-cup with Kline:  It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, and that means the peak of the relocation season. Movers are loading boxes, families are enrolling their children in new schools, and transferees are saying goodbye to their old communities while embarking on a fresh adventure. In short, it is a season of change, transition, and a general flurry of activity.
  • Bristol Country Profile:  China
  • Bristol Connection:  Carrie Sweeney
  • Relocation and the Texas Market

April 2015[UNIQID]

  • Spot of Tea:  In recent ‘Cup of Joe’ articles, Joe’s insight & understanding of the human psyche has highlighted a couple of fundamentals that affect our everyday lives. Firstly, the desire to connect with other people and to ‘know’ them rather than just be aware of them.
  • Bristol Connection:  Paige Lanz

December 2014[UNIQID]

  • A Cup of Joe:  Like many of you, I believe that life is about opportunities. Each day brings chances for us to expand our minds, develop new ways of thinking and new methods for tackling tough issues.
  • Set Yourself up for a Successful Home Purchase
  • Bristol Connection:  Micheal Henderson

October 2014[UNIQID]

  • A Cup of Joe:  I have long been acutely interested in the topic of leadership. Actually, guess it would be more accurate to say that the topic of people is really what garners my attention.
  • Household Goods Move Update
  • Bristol Connection:  Jasline Lim

July 2014[UNIQID]

  • A Cup of Joe:  At Bristol, we continue to explore and refine our understanding and appreciation of Connect versus Control…a relationship philosophy that is quickly becoming our purpose.
  • Choosing the Right Employee for an International Assignment
  • Bristol Connection:  Paul Elvin

April 2014[UNIQID]

  • A Cup of Joe:  Fear
  • Household Goods Move Update
  • Bristol Connection:  Dave Gorton 

April 2013[UNIQID]

  • Cup of Joe:  The goal of Connectivity is to inform, raise awareness and above all else – CONNECT us.
  • Trends-Aging Parents and The Relocating Transferee
  • International Trends:  What We See at Bristol
  • Bristol Connection:  Meet Bristol Team Member Lisa Taylor


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