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Bristol News


Bristol Connection: Pat Abou-Khaled, Director of Service Delivery, Green Bay

What is your “vice”? Shoes are my vice. I cannot go into a store without visiting the shoe department. I have shoes for every occasion from business to fun. You can wear shoes that fit your mood. Shoes are accessories that complement any outfit you wear.

27 January 2016

What are some of your favorite things in life?

Favorite city in the U.S.:  My favorite city in the U.S. is Buffalo, NY. It’s my hometown; it is where my family still lives. I love visiting Buffalo-it feels like I’s home again.

Favorite country to visit:  Lebanon. My husband is from Lebanon. You can drive from the mountains to the sea in 20 minutes. The views are breathtaking. It is a country that you can explore its many periods of ancient history.

Favorite meal:  My favorite meal is breakfast on the weekends. I love getting up making coffee and taking the time to prepare and enjoy the meal.

Favorite holiday:  My favorite holiday is Christmas. From the meaning of Christmas to old and new traditions and spending time with family and friends.

If you could have personally witnessed a historical event, what would you have seen?

The Suffrage Movement. Suffrage is an interesting achievement that took a long period in history to accomplish. It was a nonviolent moment that was led by many great women in history.

What is the most amusing event or incident have you been involved in within the domestic relocation/internationalassignment industry?

The time I was speaking to a transferee and all of a sudden I heard loud voice saying “surprise”. He just walked into his own surprise birthday party. He was totally speechless. I don’t know if he was listening, but I told him I would call him next week. When we spoke the next time, he filled me in on his wonderful party. I told him I was glad I was able to be part of his celebration even if it was for a brief moment.

What is it about the Wisconsin weather that keeps you there?

The fall in Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful. From the color of the leaves, the warm days, cool nights, and the start of football.


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