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Bristol News


Bristol Connection: Boris Matatov

Boris has been with Bristol for almost two years as a Global Compensation Analyst.

5 July 2016

He lives in central Phoenix with his wife of 10 years, Kristina, and his three children. He was born in Kokand, Uzbekistan which was part of the Soviet Union. Although he immigrated to the U.S. as a child, Boris is fluent in Russian. During this immigration in the ‘90’s, Boris and his family travelled and stayed in

Moscow, Italy and Austria before settling in Forest Hills, NY. He has more than 13 years of experience in global mobility holding various positions in expense processing, payroll analyst, mobility advisor and team leader.

Favorite things to do when not at Bristol?

Spending time with family, friends and especially my kids, going to the parks, zoos, any outdoor activities when Arizona weather permits; playing poker, backgammon and shooting at the ranges with friends.

What’s your perfect pizza?

Extra crispy NYC cheese slice

What is a word you dislike?

“I can’t”, my father always taught me as a child “if you can’t, learn how to”.

If you could meet anyone from history who is no longer living, who would it be and why?

King Solomon, who is said to be the wisest man in history.

What is your current computer desktop picture?

My kids

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Didn’t care for toys as a child so don’t remember a favorite one. Instead I would love playing hockey, handball, bike riding, and roller/ice skating and taking judo/karate classes.


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